Parents of Aspergers Children, Don’t Be Intimidated by Medical and Educational Professionals

After raising children for sixteen years, I’ve learned to trust my instincts. In fact, one psychologist told me that I have a PhD in my children. In this particular case he was referring to my autistic son, who was five years old at the time.He said, “You’ve been studying him for five years now. That’s how long it takes some psychologists to earn their PhD. You are an expert on your son. Don’t let anyone tell you different.”Medical Personnel:I wish I had this much confidence in myself when my middle son was an infant. I kept taking him in for his well baby check ups and complained about developmental delays. He was months behind his brother for smiling, babbling, crawling, walking, talking, etc.I was intimidated into not looking for answers for three years by one simple comment from his doctor. “Oh, you had the perfect child first.” When my son was three and a half years old, I ventured to ask my own physician in the same family practice. She administered some developmental tests on the spot. Then she immediately handed me a referral to a children’s developmental clinic.It turned out I was correct in my concern. My son received the diagnosis of Aspergers Syndrome from this clinic. Fortunately, my son was not adversely affected by the delay in a diagnosis and early interventions.Educational Professionals:When I took my son into preschool, the vice principal told me that my son was too young to receive a diagnosis of Aspergers Syndrome. When I requested my son be tested for speech and language disabilities, I was told that he had none. The Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) my son had at the beginning of preschool was withdrawn.In kindergarten my son came home thirty-eight days in a row having had a wetting accident during class. I thought I had complained to everyone that something was wrong. Maybe I did and maybe I didn’t. All I know is after a meeting between my attorney and specialists and the school board’s vice superintendent, attorney and the school’s principal, my son was immediately moved to a different classroom and teacher. The wetting accidents stopped.There was a discrepancy between the quality of work he was bringing home and what he was doing at home. I felt my son had a learning disability. The school did not. I went to the local learning disability advocates who confirmed that the school did not have to do anything more for my child. I hired an attorney and educational consultant who affirmed my position.In the end, I did not continue with the services of the hired professionals. Once I had begun to trust in my own instincts, I began advocating on my own for my son. Eventually we did receive a new IEP for my son. He went from a child in the top two thirds of his class to earning straight ‘A’ report cards and being placed in the Honors program.

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Looking for Ashley Furniture

When you are looking for furniture it can be frustrating trying to find the right items for your home. You can be confused and easily distracted by pushy sells people and high priced items that are not worth half of what they are asking. When you want to have the best in furniture, you should try looking for Ashley furniture.Ashley furniture is one of the best brands today that you can buy. There are many stores around most areas that sell this great and quality brand items. You will find that you can have the best and not have to pay a high cost or sacrifice quality. There is no doubt that you will be happy with all the items that you get when you purchase from the Ashley Company.Finding great furniture can also be found online. There are many places that you can get quality name brand items and not have to worry about losing the quality that you expect. You can search many stores to make sure that they supply the Ashley furniture that you want for your home.Getting Ashley furniture online is also an option. You can find many sites online that offer great furniture for a great price. You will be completely satisfied with the items that you get and not have to worry about paying a high price for them. Many of the online stores will sell this furniture and then have it shipped to your home of office. You will not have to worry about a thing when it comes to getting the items that you want.You can furnish any room in your home with Ashley furniture. You will not have to go anywhere else for quality name brand items that you want. All of the Ashley furniture that you get will be the best style and fit your personality. You will not have to sacrifice any of your tastes when it comes to this brand of furniture.Ashley furniture can be found in many styles. There are many different fabrics and patterns to choose from. You will find colors to match your room of any color. You will not be disappointed with the different collections that are found from any Ashley furniture store. Many times you can bring along a sample of color or paint and get a furniture piece to match perfectly. You will never have to worry about mismatching any of your rooms. You will have the piece of mind knowing that you are in style and you will defiantly impress your friends and family as well.Buying Ashley furniture is one of the best things that you can do when it comes to making a special purchase for any room in your home.

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Online Jobs Working From Home – Good Way to Make Money

The Web Wide World is the best place to search for online jobs. There is a host of options that are available to anybody who is interested in making money from online jobs. There are millions of people who work from home. If you are tired of your office job and are looking to work fulltime from home there are countless opportunities that are there.These online jobs are a perfect way to earn good money from the comforts of your home. There is a wide array of work to choose from. You can choose to do simple data entry work, freelancing and many other kinds of jobs. You might also want to engage in online business wherein you will buy and sell goods over the internet. There is no limit to how much you can earn doing online work. Also, there is no investment that you need to make when you start working online. There are some sites that might charge you some money for registration but by and large most of the sites are free.All that you need to get started is an internet connection. You can do a Google search on the kind of work that you are eager to do and you are sure to find a plethora of options that would open up before you. It is important that you do good research before you take the plunge. Online work is a great way to make a lot of money. With some determination and effort you will be on your way to earn really well.

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